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I'd love to have my portfolio available on mobile but some of my designs require large displays. Mobile Portfolio coming soon.

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Nikki Wolfe

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I design all things digital: For big screens, small screens and everything in-between... Sometimes not even screens at all, because print design is still a thing... You know what? Just take a look and see what I can do.


App Mockup for the Paragon App
Typography Visual Design Visual Design

App Design

Read reviews, rating and more for Winnipeg’s local cafes and restaurants. Every community has their own hidden gems. That's why at Paragon, building community though local business is priority.

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Annika Victoria

Mockup of the Annika Victoria website
Typography Visual Design

Responsive Website Design

An exisitng site was redesigned to have a more a creative and bold design reflective of her personality and content. (I am not affiliated with Annika Victoria, but I did get her permission to use any and all of her content for creative purposes.)

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Go Oil

Go Oil Screens Mockup
User Experience Typography Visual Design

Responsive Website Register/Login Screens

Part of a collaberation with the BitSpace (RRC BIT Students). I designed their client Go Oil's Login & Register screens for their service. The main focus was user experience, and keeping on brand with Go Oil. My partner in this project designed the Home Page for the site. (Project will go live this year.)

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Recipe Book

Mobile & Desktop Mockup of the Winkler Pizza website
Typography Visual Design

Recipe Book

"Recipes Your Grandmother Never Told You About" is Bitmap Issue #89 (a RRC Typography class zine). This challenged me to focus on the technical details of typography for print.

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App Mockup for the Roomies App
Typography Visual Design

App Design & Concept

Roomies is an app where users can organize their shared households with rooommates. Assigned as an app idea, branding and UI design project.

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Nikki Wolfe

Current Projects

Here are some of the things I'm working on, and what I'm up to!

McDiarmid Flowers

Front-end Development and Design for a local flower shop website and online store. Working with a Programmer.

Winkler Pizza

Design and Website Development for a pizza shop in Winkler.


Get in Touch

I do front-end web development, wordpress, and design work.